HB糸列 透明表壳 7750计时缩略图

HB糸列 透明表壳 7750计时

宇舶表年度最佳复刻作品——宇舶BIG BANG系列411.JX.4802.RT“全透腕表”【精彩细节】1.还原正品表盘后龙飞凤舞的镂空布局,2.采用与原装同样的丙烯酸有机玻璃极致克隆——完成不可能完成的任务。该材质不仅硬度高,且具有抗腐蚀,耐磨损等卓越物理特性。【机芯功能】腕表直径45mm。采用增强版7750机芯改原装HUB.1242型芯,实现所有功能吻合正装。【精益求精】HB工厂全力以赴,层层把关,在保证完美“透视感官”的同时,竭心尽力还原正品的每个细节。【赠品】附赠一副同款不同色的天然橡胶表带(可替代原装)复刻界首款“全透佳作”

Hublot BIG BANG Series 411.JX.4802.RT “All-through Watch” [Wonderful Details] 1. Restore the hollowed-out layout behind the genuine dial, 2. Use the same acrylic plexiglass clone as the original one to complete the impossible task. The material not only has high hardness, but also has excellent physical properties such as corrosion resistance and wear resistance. [movement function] the diameter of the watch is 45mm. The original HUB.1242 core was changed with the enhanced version of 7750 core, so that all functions can be matched and installed correctly. [Excellence] HB factory goes all out to ensure perfect “sense perspective”, and at the same time, tries its best to restore every detail of genuine products. [Gift] comes with a pair of natural rubber straps of the same paragraph and different colors (which can replace the original). It is the first “all-transparent masterpiece” in the reproduction industry