TMF厂 HB刺青 大爆炸 45mmx15mm缩略图

TMF厂 HB刺青 大爆炸 45mmx15mm

宇博hublot 415.NX.1112.VR.MXM16TMF工厂出品 全面预售尺寸:45*14mm表壳:全程CNC打磨 拆解原装开模,侧边塑胶黑色片。所有螺丝均为针螺丝以及字母螺丝配合而成。值得一提的是6/12点钟位置均为快拆弹簧。更换表带极为方便。表带:顶级黑色橡胶表带,正面为哑光疯马皮缝制,胶带和皮带的完美结合。镜面:顶级AIR双层无色镀膜蓝宝石镜面,比一般的蓝宝石镜面通透太多太多。表盘:表盘为黑色喷砂 CNC加工内影机芯:miyota 27钻自动机械机芯配合原装一比一夹板。表扣:宇博最新款折叠表扣 整个表扣可以拆成散件工艺极其复杂。

Ubo hublot 415.NX.1112.VR.MXM16TMF factory produced a full pre-sale size: 45*14mm case: the whole process CNC grinding and dismantling the original mold, the side plastic black piece. All screws are made of pin screws and letter screws. It is worth mentioning that quick release springs are used at 6/12 o’clock. It is very convenient to change the strap. Strap: The top black rubber strap, with matte mad horse leather sewn on the front, is a perfect combination of adhesive tape and belt. Mirror: The top AIR double-layer colorless coated sapphire mirror is much more transparent than ordinary sapphire mirror. Dial: The dial is black sandblasting CNC machined inner shadow movement: miyota 27 drill automatic mechanical movement with original one-to-one splint. Buckle: Yubo’s latest folding buckle. The whole buckle can be disassembled into parts. The process is extremely complicated.