JJ厂Hb 经典融合系列 自动机械缩略图

JJ厂Hb 经典融合系列 自动机械

JJ-宇舶 经典融合系列 尺寸(Size)45mm × 9.85mm 功能(Functions)小时、分钟、秒、日期显示 机芯(Monvement)复刻HUB1112自动上链机芯 镜面(Crystal)蓝宝石镜面 材质(Case)316L精钢 表带(Strap)外层牛皮内衬橡胶表带 防水(Water)50米

JJ- Hublot Classic Fusion Series Size: 45 mm× 9.85 mm Functions: display of hours, minutes, seconds and dates The Monvement replicates the HUB1112 self-winding movement Crystal sapphire mirror surface Material (Case)316L fine steel Strap The outer layer of leather is lined with rubber strap Waterproof (Water)50 meters