zf 小丑 938一体机芯缩略图

zf 小丑 938一体机芯

ZF”一体机“超级小丑Q1368420腕表 经典重现 深造归来! 【超级细节】尺寸:39mmX9.9mm 1.机芯以原厂Cal938芯为蓝本开发定制,内外结构相似度可达到95% 2.还原正品日期显示,动力储备显示,还原28800振频每小时 3.超凡表壳打磨,做到市面最有质感 【贴心赠品】 赠送一副柔韧舒适的防汗表带——正面采用意大利小牛皮,背面则是天然橡胶,完美缝合。防汗抑菌,使用寿命远大于传统表带,长期佩戴极为舒爽! ZF超级小丑——虽然姗姗来迟,但是诚意满满! ZF出品 必属精品!有请各路英雄好汉品鉴把关!

ZF “all-in-one” Super Joker Q1368420 watch classic reappears for further study! “Super detail” size: 39mmX9.9mm 1. the movement is developed and customized based on the original Cal938 core, and the similarity between internal and external structures can reach 95% 2. Restore genuine date display, power reserve display, and restore 28800 vibration frequency per hour 3. The extraordinary case is polished to make the market the most textured

[intimate gift]

Give a pair of flexible and comfortable sweat-proof straps-Italian calfskin on the front and natural rubber on the back, which are perfectly stitched. Sweat-proof and bacteriostasis, the service life is much longer than the traditional strap, and it is very comfortable to wear for a long time! ZF Super Joker-Although late, but full of sincerity! ZF products must be excellent products! Please welcome all kinds of heroes to taste and check!