ZF【厚积“薄”发 年度大作】 ZF新品,积家月相大师系列,表壳直径39mmX9.9mm与原装同步。六点钟的子盘拥有阳历阴历(月相)双期显示,月相一月转一圈,功能和正品一致。 【技术突破】采用9015改积家自产Cal.925/1机芯,功能百分百同步原装自产机芯。走时稳定,素质坚挺。 【细节突破】从侧面观察腕表盘面发现有微微的弧度,ZF为了达到这一效果,耗时费力多次调整模具,确保神韵和感觉能与原装相媲美。 ZF积家月相大师,满足您对月相的一切美好情怀。

ZF [Accumulate “thin” and make an annual masterpiece] ZF’s new product, Jaeger-LeCoultre Moon Master Series, has a case diameter of 39mmX9.9mm synchronized with the original one. The sub-tray at six o’clock has double-phase display of solar calendar and lunar calendar (moon phase), and the moon phase turns once in January, with the same function as genuine products. [Technical Breakthrough] It adopts Cal.925/1 movement produced by 9015 Reformer, and its function is 100% synchronous with original movement. Stable walking time and strong quality. [Breakthrough in details] A slight radian was found on the watch disk from the side. In order to achieve this effect, ZF took time and effort to adjust the mold several times to ensure that the charm and feeling were comparable to the original one. ZF is a master of moon phase, satisfying all your good feelings about moon phase.