AZ出品积家大师系列Q1368420月相腕表。 【表壳】 腕表尺寸39mmX 【星月交辉 赏“心”“月”目】——共同品鉴AZ出品积家大师系列Q1368420月相腕表。 【表壳】 腕表尺寸39mmX9.9mm 数据完美契合原厂。 1.纤薄的表壳弧度自然,光泽打磨白璧无瑕 2.前后双面蓝宝石水晶玻璃秀丽透彻 3.佩戴舒适贴手,尽显高级质感 【机芯】 按照原厂CAL.925型机芯独立开发。将“芯”比“芯”!方显诚意。 1.实现正品机芯双向上链功能,还原原版的手感和声音 2.实现原装月相一月走一圈的精致功能 3.采用原装一致的KIF避震器 4.摆轮位置于原装同步 绅士惬意 雍容典雅 内外兼修 匠心独运! AZ出品 欢迎广大表友悉心热品!

AZ produced master Jaeger-LeCoultre series Q1368420 moon phase wristwatch. [Case] The size of the watch is 39mmX [Stars and moons pay tribute to “heart” and “moon”]-Tasting AZ’s Jaeger-LeCoultre series Q1368420 moon phase wristwatch together. [Case] The size of the watch is 39mmX9.9mm, which fits the original factory perfectly. 1. the slim case has natural radian and flawless luster. 2. the front and rear double-sided sapphire crystal glass is beautiful and thorough. 3. it is comfortable to wear and stick to the hand, showing high-quality texture. [movement] is independently developed according to the original CAL.925 movement. Compare “core” to “core”! Show sincerity. 1. realize the bidirectional winding function of genuine movement, and restore the original hand feeling and sound. 2. realize the exquisite function of the original moon phase walking once in January. 3. adopt the original consistent KIF shock absorber. 4. the balance wheel is located in the original synchronous gentleman’s comfort, grace and elegance. AZ products welcome the masses of table friends to heat products carefully!