V9积家大师万年历自动机械表39mm 原装868机芯机械表缩略图

V9积家大师万年历自动机械表39mm 原装868机芯机械表

复刻界的又一历时时刻,名表三大复杂功能之一的“万年历”研发成功!V9积家大师万年历自动机械表(官方型号:白面130842 39mm 原装868机芯所有的功能

At another time in the field of engraving, the research and development of “perpetual calendar”, one of the three complex functions of famous watches, was successful! V9 Jaeger-LeCoultre perpetual calendar automatic mechanical watch (official model: white flour 130842) All functions of 39mm original 868 movement