ZF厂新品:积家地理学家 大师系列 Q1428421缩略图

ZF厂新品:积家地理学家 大师系列 Q1428421

ZF耗时近三年 潜心研发机芯 重金打造 至诚大作!——实现原装全部功能,解决厚度难题,积家地理学家Q1428421腕表,姗姗来迟,厚积薄发! 【精彩细节】腕表尺寸39mmX11.9 吻合正品 ZF凭借丰富的积家复刻经验,完美还原表壳神韵和细节,将厚度控制的与原版一致。表耳过度自然,壳身打磨精细,前后两片蓝宝玻璃通透无比,完美与壳衔接。 【技术突破】采用性能稳定的日本MIYOTA.9110芯改积家CAL.939A/1型机芯,实现原装全部功能——包括时分秒,日期,白天黑夜显示,世界时显示还有动力储存显示。返修率极低! 功能强大,是目前复刻表中功能最强大,做工最好的产品没有之一。 【皮带扣】黑色手工缝线意大利牛皮压鳄鱼皮纹,搭配积家经典折叠表扣(可与正品通用互换) 完美质感,极致体验。 ZF至诚大作——敬请各路表友鉴赏!

ZF has spent nearly three years concentrating on research and development of the movement and making great efforts to create a sincere masterpiece! —— To realize all original functions and solve the thickness problem, the famous geographer Q1428421 wristwatch comes late, but it’s a long way off! [Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 39mmX11.9, which is consistent with genuine products ZF perfectly restores the charm and details of the watchcase by virtue of its rich experience in the reproduction of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and controls the thickness to be consistent with the original version. The ears are too natural, the shell is finely polished, and the front and back pieces of sapphire glass are incomparably transparent, which perfectly connects with the shell. [Technical Breakthrough] The Japanese MIYOTA.9110 core reformer CAL.939A/1 movement with stable performance is adopted to realize all original functions, including hour, minute, date, day and night display, universal time display and power reserve display. Repair rate is extremely low! Powerful, it is one of the most powerful and best-made products in the replica table at present. “Belt buckle” black hand-stitched Italian cowhide crocodile leather pattern, matched with Jaeger-LeCoultre classic folding buckle (interchangeable with genuine universal) Perfect texture and extreme experience. ZF’s sincere masterpiece-please appreciate it from all kinds of table friends!