ZF添砖加瓦继续完善积家约会系列——现推新品Q3523570腕表——【优雅知性 浪漫约会】 【三大可“会”之约】腕表尺寸36mmX9.8mm 1.ZF精湛工艺,完美打造市场最强表壳。 2.9015定制版925B/1型一体机芯,实现原装白昼黑夜变换功能。 3.表圈一共镶有186颗顶级施华洛世奇美钻,重3.52克拉。镶工严谨,还原正品最美效果。 【表带 扣】意大利小牛皮轻便透气,质感上佳,搭配积家经典折叠表扣。

ZF continues to improve the Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series-now pushing the new Q3523570 watch-[Elegant Intellectual Romantic Dating] [Three conventions] The size of the watch is 36 mm x 9.8 mm. 1.ZF’s exquisite craftsmanship perfectly creates the strongest case in the market. 2.9015 customized version of 925B/1 integrated movement, realizing the original day-night conversion function. 3. The bezel is set with 186 top Swarovski diamonds, weighing 3.52 carats. Rigorous inlaying restores the most beautiful effect of genuine products. [Strap buckle] Italian calfskin is light, breathable and has good texture, which is matched with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s classic folding buckle.


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