ZF厂北宸系列日历型腕表 尺寸42mmx13mm 9015机芯改JCL.899A/1型机芯缩略图

ZF厂北宸系列日历型腕表 尺寸42mmx13mm 9015机芯改JCL.899A/1型机芯

ZF厂-积-北宸系列日历型腕表 尺寸42mmx13mm 采用纤薄稳定的9015机芯改JCL.899A/1型机芯 极具现代气息的双把设计,搭配优雅而不失运动风格的流利线条。深邃雅然,不失非凡。 【表壳】腕表尺寸42mmx13mm 经典干练的表壳采用纯手工打磨,侧面拉丝处理、边缘抛光,工艺和工序均吻合正品,底盖同样刻有颇具积嘉风格的潜水服装,雕刻饰纹。 【机芯】采用纤薄稳定的9015机芯改JCL.899A/1型机芯。厚度功能两不误; 【表带扣】天然橡胶表带,薄而长且柔软,足以缠绕贴合手腕,搭配原厂表扣。

The calendar wristwatches of ZF Factory-Ji-Beichen series have a size of 42 mm x 13 mm. The slim and stable 9015 movement is changed to JCL.899A/1 movement with modern double handle design, which is matched with elegant and fluent lines without losing sports style. Deep and elegant, yet extraordinary. [Case] The size of the watch is 42 mm x 13 mm. The classic and capable case is hand-polished, the side is brushed and the edge is polished, and the process and process are consistent with the authentic ones. The bottom cover is also engraved with diving clothes with a good style and engraved with decorative patterns. [movement] the JCL.899A/1 movement was changed from the slim and stable 9015 movement. The thickness function is correct; [Strap buckle] Natural rubber strap is thin, long and soft enough to be wound around the wrist, and matched with the original watch buckle.