zf 积.家 地理学家大师 Mastergeographic缩略图

zf 积.家 地理学家大师 Mastergeographic

zf 積.家 地理学家大师 Mastergeographic 【表壳】采用42毫米316L的精钢材质表壳 腕表 为旅行者带来前所未有的第二时区读时体验 随时随地为你掌握全球时间 【表壳】采用42毫米316L的精钢材质表壳 表圈以及表耳正面以抛光工艺打磨 展现饱满的弧度与光滑的质感 表冠上镌刻清晰Logo图样 【表正反面】中央蓝色大三针 镂空巴顿时分针 大视窗的世界城市名称 功能还包括第二时区 24小时制显示盘 背透表底工艺 绝没隐私 【机芯】复刻原版机械机芯939B/1 定制版型 还原功能与机芯刻度 【皮带扣】纯手工制作进口牛皮 耐寒耐热 定制专属精钢蝴蝶扣

Zf product. master geographer Mastergeographic [Case] A watch with a 42 mm 316L fine steel case Bring travelers an unprecedented reading experience in the second time zone and master the global time anytime, anywhere [Case] The bezel of the 42 mm 316L fine steel case and the front of the ear are polished with a polishing process to show full radian and smooth texture. The crown is engraved with a clear Logo pattern [Front and back of the table] The world city name function of the central blue big three-pin hollow Barton hour minute hand big window also includes the second time zone 24-hour display panel back through the bottom of the table. There is no privacy [movement] duplicate the original mechanical movement 939B/1 customized version restoring function and movement scale “Belt buckle” handmade imported cowhide cold-resistant and heat-resistant custom exclusive fine steel butterfly buckle