ZF JL约会系列钢带款缩略图

ZF JL约会系列钢带款

ZF又一热门神作——积家约会系列腕表浪漫登场,修正现市面任何版本的所有不足之处,简约淑女,尽显浪漫情怀。 【表壳】腕表尺寸34mmX8.8mm。简约干练的外壳打磨精细,ZF原装开模一比一复刻外壳版型。确保打磨工艺吻合,质感同步正品。表圈一共镶有60颗顶级施华洛世奇美钻共重0.69 克拉。镶工严谨,还原正品最美风采。 【技术突破】采用9015改积家自产CAL.898A/1机芯,完美实现原装白昼黑夜变换功能。走时稳定,素质坚挺。

Another popular masterpiece of ZF —— Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Series watches come on stage romantically, which corrects all the shortcomings of any version in the market, is simple and elegant, and shows romantic feelings. [Case] The size of the watch is 34 mm x 8.8 mm. The simple and capable shell is finely polished, and the original ZF mold is opened to duplicate the shell version one by one. Ensure that the grinding process is consistent and the texture is synchronous and authentic. The bezel is set with 60 top Swarovski diamonds weighing 0.69 carats. Rigorous inlaying restores the most beautiful style of genuine products. [Technical Breakthrough] The original day-night conversion function is perfectly realized by adopting CAL.898A/1 movement produced by 9015 reformer. Stable walking time and strong quality.