ZF厂-积-超薄大师Q1288420腕表优雅登场 尺寸40mmx8mm 精准而低返修的9015机芯改自产899型机芯 超薄臻品【极简主义 超薄设计】 ZF新品极致简约,成就经典,干净素雅,商务首选。 【表壳】腕表尺寸40mmX8mm。超薄的表壳线条流畅,优雅的表耳舒适贴手。ZF精益求精,诚心诚意还原原厂风貌 【机芯】精准而低返修的9015机芯改自产899型机芯 【表带】采用进口意大利小牛,纹理自然,质地柔软,佩戴透气。 ZF出品,必属精品;品鉴积嘉超薄大师的极简主义从ZF开始!

ZF factory-product-ultra-thin master Q1288420 watch elegant debut size 40mmx8mm precision and low rework 9015 movement changed to self-produced 899 type movement ultra-thin genuine product [minimalist ultra-thin design] ZF new product is extremely simple, classic, clean and elegant, and preferred for business. [Case] The size of the watch is 40mmX8mm. Ultra-thin case has smooth lines, and elegant ear fits hands comfortably. ZF strives for perfection and sincerely restores the original style [Movement] The precision and low-repair 9015 movement was changed to its own 899 movement “Strap” adopts imported Italian calf, with natural texture, soft texture and breathability. Produced by ZF, it must be a boutique; Tasting the minimalism of the ultra-thin master of Jijia starts from ZF!