N厂手表 积家压缩大师潜水系列Q2018770 – Noob终极版缩略图

N厂手表 积家压缩大师潜水系列Q2018770 – Noob终极版

N厂出品 积家 – 压缩大师潜水系列Master Compressor Diving Q2018770 – Noob终极版,具体参数见评论!和50浔并称N厂最牛神器,目前最好的复刻表,做工登峰造极,仿真度99﹪,外观轻松过专柜! 尺寸:42mm×13 mm 机芯:瑞士2836自动机芯 功能:时,分,秒及日期显示 表壳:固体316F不锈钢表壳 水晶:防划的蓝宝石水晶无色的镀膜,相同的形状,真正厚度(瑞士标准) 表盘:夜光表盘和指针(与真正的一样的超级-夜光) 表圈:暗灰色陶瓷表圈与夜光三角珍珠 表带:铰接式的橡胶表带 表扣:双折叠式表扣,潜水员扩展 防水:100米 压缩大师 积家当中复刻得最好的表。 美国海豹突击队专用 后盖是海豹特战队的队标!

Master Compressor Diving Q2018770-Noob Ultimate Edition of Jaeger-LeCoultre-Compressor Diving Series produced by N Factory. See comments for specific parameters! And 50 invertors are called the best artifact in n factory, and the best replica watch at present, with the highest workmanship, 99% simulation degree and easy appearance over the counter! Dimensions: 42mm×13 mm Movement: Swiss 2836 automatic movement Function: hour, minute, second and date display Case: solid 316F stainless steel case Crystal: Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal colorless coating, same shape, true thickness (Swiss standard) Dial: luminous dial and hands (super-luminous as real) Bezel: dark gray ceramic bezel and luminous triangle pearl Strap: an articulated rubber strap Buckle: double folding buckle, which can be extended by divers Waterproof: 100m The best table among the compressed masters. The special back cover of American SEALs is the team logo of SEALs!