JL约会系列 2018年新款上市 男士直径40mm缩略图

JL约会系列 2018年新款上市 男士直径40mm

积家约会系列 2017年新款上市 搭配进口意大利牛皮表带 顶级烧钢兰指针 搭载进口9015机改原装cal.898A自动上链机芯(不加夹板),具昼夜显示功能 男庄直径40mm,女庄34mm 厚度10mm;

Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating Series is newly launched in 2017 with imported Italian cowhide strap. The top burned steel blue pointer is equipped with imported 9015 machine to change the original cal.898A automatic winding movement (without splint). It has day and night display function. The diameter of the male village is 40mm, and the thickness of the female village is 34 mm. 10mm;;