【JL厂】月相大师 目前市面唯一做到日历和月相所有功能和原装机芯一致 9015改装复刻原版Cal缩略图

【JL厂】月相大师 目前市面唯一做到日历和月相所有功能和原装机芯一致 9015改装复刻原版Cal

JL 积家月相大师 目前市面唯一做到日历和月相所有功能和原装机芯一致 机芯采用稳定性超强的9015改装复刻原版Cal.925全自动机芯 (6位真日历与24小时日月星辰功能)! 【品牌】积家 【尺寸】42*12MM 【机芯】机芯采用稳定性超强的9015改装复刻原版Cal.925全自动机芯 精细的打磨和做工,走时精确 【功能】计时、防磁,防水、防震,日历月相 【材质】SS316L不锈钢抛光玫瑰金镶钻表壳,表扣,玫瑰金表带 【表面】高耐磨损蓝宝石水晶拱形玻璃 莫氏硬度九级(钻石十级) 【标志】表壳/表带/表扣/把蒂均有品牌标志

At present, JL Jaeger-LeCoultre Moon Master is the only movement in the market that has all the functions of calendar and moon phase consistent with those of the original movement. It adopts the super stable 9015 modified replica original Cal.925 automatic movement (6-bit true calendar and 24-hour function of sun, moon and stars)! [Brand] Jaeger-LeCoultre “Size” 42*12MM [Movement] The movement adopts the ultra-stable 9015 modified replica original Cal.925 automatic movement with fine grinding and workmanship, and its travel time is accurate [Function] Timekeeping, antimagnetic, waterproof and shockproof, calendar moon phase “material” SS316L stainless steel polished rose gold diamond case, clasp, rose gold strap [Surface] High wear-resistant sapphire crystal arched glass has Mohs hardness grade 9 (DIA grade 10) [logo] the watch case/strap/clasp/handle all have brand logo