OM厂新品 积家月相大师 自动机械 蓝指针月亮缩略图

OM厂新品 积家月相大师 自动机械 蓝指针月亮

OM:【简约而极致】OM最新力作积 家全月相大师系列:所以功能及外观均与原版一致 细节分解: 【1】:锅盖形表盘从侧面看是有微微弧度的多次修改确保神韵与原版相媲美。 【2】:表壳:壳面四角线斜度线条大小为确保与原版一致多次修改完美呈现 表耳弧形鱼尾线线条立体优美 完美演绎 【3】:表扣中间无缝隙从侧面看弧线是不会断开口的表扣的扣版弯度与原版一致更贴手 采用9015改积家自产866/1机芯 走时稳定 品质优良 尺寸39mmx12mm 为确保神韵反复修改完美呈现 简约的背后是极致的复杂 【简约而极致】OM匠心之作!

OM: [Simple and extreme] OM’s latest masterpiece is the master series of the full moon phase: so the function and appearance are consistent with the original version. Detail decomposition: [1]: The pot-lid-shaped dial is modified slightly from the side to ensure that the charm is comparable to the original one. [2]: Case: The slope of the four corners of the shell surface. The size of the line is to ensure that it is consistent with the original version. It is modified many times and perfectly presents the curved fishtail line of the ear. Beautiful and perfect interpretation [3]: There is no gap in the middle of the buckle. When you look at the arc from the side, it will not break the opening. The buckle bending of the buckle is consistent with the original one. It is more suitable for the hand. It uses 9015 to change the 866/1 movement produced by the Jaeger. It has stable travel time and good quality. The size is 39mmx12mm. In order to ensure that the charm is repeatedly modified and presented perfectly, the simplicity is behind the extreme complexity. [Simple and extreme] OM ingenuity!