MG厂积家大师小丑系列 银外壳缩略图

MG厂积家大师小丑系列 银外壳

积家 小丑 MG最新出品,2/6点刻度对版,海鸥机复刻积家Cal.938机芯,所有功能同正品一致,阴阳时分针(一半抛光一半磨砂),淬火蓝钢小秒针,非常漂亮的正装款式,最重要的是价格实惠,极具性价比[得意]

Jaeger-LeCoultre MG’s latest production, 2/6-point calibration version, Seagull machine replica Jaeger-LeCoultre Cal.938 movement, all functions are consistent with genuine products, yin and yang hour minute hand (half polished and half frosted), quenched blue steel small second hand, very beautiful formal dress style, the most important thing is that it is affordable and very cost-effective [proud]