TW厂出品最新升级版到 JL积家 🎩🎩Master 地里学家大师系列 Q1428421 复刻版全新升级 多功能腕表 升级Cal.939A机芯 打磨效果更近原装 升级轴 自动陀为玫金边 字面纹路清晰 功能:日期显示 双时区 动力储备显示 316L精钢 42mm 原装折叠扣(实力拍,实拍无P图)

TW factory produced the latest upgraded version to JL Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series Q1428421 replica version. Newly upgraded multifunctional watch upgraded Cal.939A movement polishing effect is closer to the original upgraded shaft. Automatic Tuo is Mei Phnom Penh literal texture clear function: date display Dual time zone power reserve display 316L fine steel 42mm original folding buckle (strength shot, real shot without P picture)