WF出品宝玑经典系列,辨识度超高,正装表不二之选。完美修正内容: 1、表壳厚度再次优化,薄到完美匹配正品,达到9毫米,复刻里的超薄巅峰; 2、蓝宝石玻璃是全网上唯一一家能做出“真正双弧形”玻璃:全网都是平片玻璃,注:(正品是双弧形) 3、指针延续烧钢工艺,品级再次提高,成本倍增,价格不变。; 4、表带材料升级,LOGO印花完美同步。 5、机芯采用日本进口的9015,洗花工艺再度提升,纹理更加细腻,视觉感官更加细致。

Breguet classic series produced by WF has high recognition and is the best choice for formal watches. Perfect correction content: 1. The thickness of the case is optimized again, and it is thin enough to perfectly match the genuine product, reaching 9 mm, the ultra-thin peak in the replica; 2. Sapphire glass is the only glass on the whole network that can make “true double arc”: the whole network is flat glass, note: (authentic is double arc) 3. The pointer continues the steel burning process, the grade is improved again, the cost is doubled, and the price remains unchanged. ; 4, strap material upgrade, LOGO printing perfect synchronization. 5. The movement is made of 9015 imported from Japan, and the flower washing process is improved again, with more delicate texture and more detailed visual sense.