HG航海系列腕表,搭载Cal.517GG机芯,指针(镂空偏心“月形”指针)、数字刻度,表盘中央位置采用Marine 系列标志性的水波纹造型,而机芯的摆陀上亦采用了同样地纹路与其相呼应,功能与外观都一致(新品上市预定送胶带扣一副)

HG navigation series watches are equipped with Cal.517GG movement, hands (hollow eccentric “moon-shaped” hands) and digital scales. The center of the dial adopts the iconic water ripple shape of Marine series, and the pendulum of the movement also adopts the same texture to echo it, and its function and appearance are consistent (a pair of adhesive tapes will be given for new products)


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