ZF 那不勒斯皇后女表缩略图

ZF 那不勒斯皇后女表

ZF2109最强女表,宝玑那不勒斯皇后系列惊艳登场,修正之前版本的所有不足,以鹅蛋造型, 搭配绢丝表带,体态高贵典雅,尽显女王风范! 【表壳】腕表尺寸36.5×28.45毫米。鹅卵形表壳高雅大气,表壳外缘饰有钱币纹。 表圈和表壳周围镶嵌共117颗施华洛水晶(约0.99克拉)。表冠处镶有一颗梨形晶石(约0.26克拉) 1.与原装吻合,在表壳背部均打有贵金属标识,效果清晰工整,彰显腕表档次。 2.穹面玻璃,从侧面看不仅有鱼眼效果,还能折射钻石带来的璀璨光芒,更显腕表高贵血统。 3.为了达到原装K金质量的手感,ZF调试了表壳内部结构的配重,做到重量与原版如出一辙。 【表带】绢丝(小羊皮包裹丝绸)表带如肌肤般温柔,宝玑式折叠表扣秀雅精巧。 【机芯】采用西铁城6T51机芯改宝玑自产.537/3型芯,全程严格QC,性能精准稳定,外观端庄秀丽。 【精益求精】此枚卓越复刻表是ZF成名以来女款首发,工厂不惜重本,全力还原,欢迎各大表友品鉴,点评。

ZF2109 is the strongest female watch, and Breguet’s Queen Naples series made a stunning debut, correcting all the shortcomings of the previous version, taking the shape of goose eggs. Paired with spun silk strap, the body is noble and elegant, showing the queen’s demeanor! [Case] The size of the watch is 36.5×28.45 mm. Goose oval case is elegant and atmospheric, and the outer edge of the case is decorated with coin patterns. A total of 117 Swarovski crystals (about 0.99 carats) are set around the bezel and case. The crown is set with a pear-shaped spar (about 0.26 carats) 1. Consistent with the original, precious metal marks are marked on the back of the watch case, which makes the effect clear and neat, highlighting the watch grade. 2. Dome glass not only has fisheye effect when viewed from the side, but also reflects the bright light brought by DIA, showing the noble lineage of the watch. 3. In order to achieve the feel of the original K gold, ZF debugged the counterweight of the inner structure of the watch case, so that the weight is the same as the original one. [Strap] The silk (silk wrapped in lambskin) strap is as gentle as skin, and the Breguet-style folding clasp is delicate in beautiful and elegant. [movement] it adopts the 6T51 movement of Citizen instead of the .537/3 core produced by Breguet, with strict QC throughout the whole process, precise and stable performance and dignified and beautiful appearance. [Keep improving] This excellent replica watch is the first female model since ZF became famous. The factory will spare no effort to restore it. You are welcome to taste and comment on it.