【FK厂】台湾复刻工厂 -经典5177系列缩略图

【FK厂】台湾复刻工厂 -经典5177系列

【FK厂】台湾复刻工厂 宝玑-经典5177系列新款巨献;行业唯一正品开模提升 1;6点位置首家有宝玑Logo 2;珐琅搪瓷字面 3;烧刚蓝指针 4;机芯才用基础为9015的Cal.777机芯, 5;皮带和表扣一直是难题,此次FK工厂购入正品开模终于攻克 6;连底盖防水圈都才用与正品一致的红色防水圈。

[FK Factory] Taiwan Re-engraving Factory Breguet-Classic 5177 Series New Grand Offering; The only genuine mold opening promotion in the industry 1; The first Breguet Logo at 6 o’clock 2; Enamel enamel literally 3; Burn the blue pointer 4; The movement only uses Cal.777 movement based on 9015. 5; Belts and buckles have always been a problem, and the FK factory purchased genuine molds and finally conquered them 6; Even the bottom cover waterproof ring uses the red waterproof ring consistent with the genuine one.