【AX出品】宝玑COMPLICATIONS系列新款顶级真飞轮手动机械腕表 金壳 【尺寸】直径4.0CM 厚度0.95CM 【机芯】进口手动陀飞轮机械机芯,动力储备长达48小时,走时精确 【功能】计时、防磁,防水、防震。 【材质】SS316L不锈钢抛光精钢表壳,表扣,意大利进口真皮表带 【表面】蓝宝石水晶玻璃镜面,莫氏硬度九级(钻石十级)** 【标志】表盘/表壳/表带/表扣均有品牌标志 【颜色】送原装盒,说明书,保证卡,香港瑞士钟表发票。

[produced by AX] breguet COMPLICATIONS series new top real flywheel manual mechanical watch gold shell “Size” diameter 4.0CM thickness 0.95CM [movement] imported manual tourbillon mechanical movement, with power reserve up to 48 hours and accurate travel time [Function] Timekeeping, antimagnetic, waterproof and shockproof. “material” SS316L stainless steel polished fine steel case, clasp, Italian imported leather strap [Surface] Sapphire crystal glass mirror, Mohs hardness grade 9 (DIA grade 10) * * [Logo] Dial/case/strap/buckle all have brand logo [color] send the original box, manual, guarantee card, Hong Kong Swiss watch invoice.