VS新品:VS1119 PAM1119缩略图

VS新品:VS1119 PAM1119

VS新品:相信PAM1118 很多人都没抢到!火爆到一表难求目前仍然断货,继而VS 直接推出PAM 1119 44mm,更适合广大朋友佩戴的一个尺寸。超级夜光真心漂亮!戴上它你就是这条街(Gai)最亮的仔。

VS new product: I believe many people didn’t grab PAM1118! It’s so hot that it’s hard to find a watch that it’s still out of stock. Then VS directly introduced PAM 1119 44mm, which is a size more suitable for friends to wear. Super luminous is really beautiful! Wear it and you will be the brightest kid in this street (Gai).