VS厂 新品:44MM“骚蓝”缩略图

VS厂 新品:44MM“骚蓝”

VS 2020 新品:44MM“骚蓝”庐米诺红金腕表PAM 1112。金表无数,唯有沛 Na 海红金表浓郁深厚,特征性设计,视觉上独特,形态上扎实,戴着过瘾!买红金系列的那必定是真爱粉无疑!

The new product of VS 2020: PAM 1112, a 44MM “Sao blue” Luminol red gold watch. There are countless gold watches, only Pei Na sea red gold watches are rich and profound, with characteristic design, unique vision, solid shape and enjoyable to wear! Buying red gold series must be true love powder!