VS厂2020新品:47MM VS PAM1039缩略图

VS厂2020新品:47MM VS PAM1039

VS 2020新品:47MM PAM1039 扬帆破浪,突破规则!VS真正的帆布面盘,集精湛技术与优异性能于一身,共同开启一段波澜壮阔的征程。首批预定赠送官网同步白色胶带一副,白色活力,黑色沉稳,两种风格互换!(送完即止)

The new VS 2020 product: 47MM PAM1039 sails and breaks the rules! VS Real canvas noodle dish combines superb technology and excellent performance to start a magnificent journey together. The first batch is scheduled to give official website a pair of synchronous white tape, which is white and vigorous, black and calm, and the two styles are interchangeable! (while stock lasts)