VS厂 VSPAM1055 42MM绿海魂缩略图

VS厂 VSPAM1055 42MM绿海魂

VS2020新品:PAM1055 42MM绿海魂—PAM961弟弟。适合亚洲人手腕的腕表,男女可佩戴!沛Na海史上第一枚42MM绿盘,还有VS定制与正品一致的绿日历。

The new VS2020 product: PAM1055 42MM green sea soul-—PAM961 younger brother. Wristwatch suitable for Asian wrist, which can be worn by men and women! Pei Na is the first 42MM green plate in the history of the sea, and there is a green calendar customized by VS that is consistent with genuine products.