活动特惠[勾引][勾引]SF出品:最新神器-SF厂最高版本佛罗伦萨限量版PAM00672震撼登场 引领潮流,精工细琢,雕花工艺全新升级,整表采用316精钢雕刻,纹路圆润清晰,极具历史感与复古色彩!一如佛罗伦萨第一款腕表pam00604一样,SF厂一直在P3000系列处于绝对领先地位,机芯调测及打磨无人能及,此次672雕刻机芯P3000/F更是给人以惊艳之感,由复刻市场最权威大师操刀并严格把控务求完美!最高难度的弧形蓝宝石难度更是早已超越127等型号,通透度更是无出其右!表面百合花栩栩如生,如点睛之笔,美轮美奂!不得不说,SF这款佛罗伦萨672必将再次掀起沛纳海火爆狂潮!如果说604毒到你了,那么672必让你成魔!

Special event [seduce] [seduce ]SF produced: the latest artifact -SF factory highest version Florence limited edition PAM00672 shocked debut Leading the trend, exquisitely crafted, the carving process is newly upgraded, and the whole watch is carved with 316 fine steel, with round and clear lines, with a sense of history and retro color! Like pam00604, the first watch in Florence, SF Factory has always been in an absolute leading position in the P3000 series, and no one can match the adjustment and polishing of the movement. This time, the 672 carved movement P3000/F gives people a stunning feeling, and the most authoritative master in the re-engraving market will work and strictly control it to be perfect! The difficulty of curved sapphire with the highest difficulty has already surpassed 127 and other models, and its transparency is unmatched! On the surface, lilies are vivid, like the finishing touch, and beautiful! I have to say that SF, the Florence 672, will once again set off a hot frenzy in Panerai! If 604 poisons you, then 672 will enchant you!