VS厂V2版本-沛纳海 VS441缩略图

VS厂V2版本-沛纳海 VS441

VS厂V2-沛纳海 Pam441 机芯结构完全一致 品牌:沛纳海 Panerai 系列:LUMINOR 1950 款式:PAM00441 尺寸:44mm×15.6mm 机芯:复刻P.9001自动上链机芯 功能:小时、分钟、秒、日期、GMT两地时显示 表壳:陶瓷表壳 镜面:蓝宝石玻璃 表带:牛皮表带 表扣:针扣 销量神器 441 升级版来了! 为力求完美 凭着踏实做工和稳定品质 不负期待 的升级版 修正以下地方 1 调时功能:指针可快调,日历通过时针快调,GMT 12小时走一圈 功能全部修正与正品一致。 2 底盖玻璃 :升级与面玻璃一致9级硬度蓝宝石玻璃 3 机芯外观 :螺丝孔位 更接近正品 相似度达到95% 几乎无破绽 4 升级版机芯更薄了 厚度与正品一致 防水:50米 沛纳海PAM00441最早期的复刻表都是直接使用海鸥2557机芯或者国产7750机芯,外观和正品相差甚远。为了满足钟表爱好者对高端复刻表完美细节的追求,目前高端复刻都是采用国产7750机芯背面叠加装饰甲板,提升机芯的相似度。但叠加的装饰甲板容易脱落小零件,导致手表故障多,机芯稳定性差,大大缩短手表的使用寿命。国产7750机芯和沛纳海P.9001机芯在摆轮和摆轮甲板位置不同,导致高端复刻表机芯外观和正品还是存在明显的差异。 为了解决沛纳海复刻表机芯的外观缺陷,提升机芯稳定性和精准度,VS公司经过两年的研发,终于推出VS.9001机芯,应用于沛纳海PAM00441的顶级复刻表。VS.9001机芯的摆轮和摆轮甲板位置和沛纳海原装正品完全符合,彻底区别于国产7750的外观。一体机芯的设计,大大提升机芯的稳定性和精准度,延长机芯使用寿命。每只机芯从生产组装,到成表,经过了层层检测,确保机芯稳定性,综合日误差控制在10s内(瑞士钟表的标准是15s内)。全新的VS.9001机芯将给全世界的沛纳海复刻表粉丝们带来更好的使用体验,更多的惊喜和期待。

The movement structure of V2- panerai Pam441 in VS factory is identical Brand: Panerai Panerai Series: LUMINOR 1950 Style: PAM00441 Dimensions: 44mm×15.6mm Movement: Duplex P.9001 self-winding movement Function: hour, minute, second, date, GMT display Case: ceramic case Mirror: sapphire glass Strap: cowhide strap Watch buckle: pin buckle Sales artifact 441 upgrade is coming! In order to strive for perfection, the following places are revised with the upgraded version that is not expected by practical work and stable quality 1 Time adjustment function: the pointer can be adjusted quickly, the calendar can be adjusted quickly by the hour hand, and the GMT 12-hour walk function is all corrected to be consistent with genuine products. 2 Bottom cover glass: Upgrade sapphire glass with grade 9 hardness consistent with surface glass 3 movement appearance: the screw hole position is closer to the genuine product, the similarity reaches 95%, and there is almost no flaw 4 The upgraded version of the movement is thinner and the thickness is consistent with the genuine one Waterproof: 50m Panerai PAM00441′ s earliest replica watches all use Seagull 2557 movement or domestic 7750 movement directly, which is far from authentic in appearance. In order to satisfy the demand of clock lovers for the perfect details of high-end replica watches, the deck is superimposed and decorated on the back of domestic 7750 movements to enhance the similarity of movements. However, the superimposed decorative deck is easy to fall off small parts, which leads to many faults and poor stability of the movement, thus greatly shortening the service life of the watch. The difference in balance wheel and balance wheel deck position between domestic 7750 movement and Panerai P.9001 movement leads to the obvious difference between the appearance of high-end replica watch movement and genuine movement. In order to solve the appearance defects of Panerai replica watch movement and improve the stability and accuracy of the movement, after two years of research and development, VS Company finally launched VS.9001 movement, which was applied to the top replica watch PAM00441 of Panerai. The balance wheel and balance wheel deck position of VS.9001 movement are completely consistent with the original genuine Panerai, which is completely different from the appearance of domestic 7750. The design of the integrated movement greatly improves the stability and precision of the movement and prolongs the service life of the movement. Each movement has undergone layer-by-layer inspection from production and assembly to watch making to ensure the stability of the movement, and the comprehensive daily error is controlled within 10s (the standard for Swiss clocks is within 15s). The brand-new VS.9001 movement will bring better experience, more surprises and expectations to fans of Panerai replica watches all over the world.


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