VS厂-沛纳海PAM438全陶瓷 44mm 真正“全黑” 戴着也不怕旧的手表!结构跟441一样的旋入式圈口 可单独拆卸圈口(市场最高版本,跟正品一致)PVD镀层磨砂扣。VS 438可谓是“自黑到家”连机芯每个零件都是电镀黑处理,整个陶瓷表仿划痕,不褪色,就算深磨成粉粒也还是黑色。现购买还赠送陶瓷划痕修复工具,划痕擦一下就掉! 尺寸(Size)44mm X 18MM 功能(Functions)小时,分针,秒针,日历,GMT针 机芯(Monvement)复刻p9001机芯 镜面(Crystal)蓝宝石防刮镜面,底盖水晶也是防划蓝宝石水晶一样的正品 字面(Dial)黑色字面,棕色字体,极强夜光 材质(Case)1:1复制的真实陶瓷表壳(结构相同正品) 表带(Strap)1:1复制的真实陶瓷表壳(结构相同正品) 防水(Water)50米

VS Factory-Panerai PAM438 All-ceramic 44mm is truly “all-black” and is not afraid of old watches! Screw-in loop with the same structure as 441 can separate the loop (the highest version in the market, consistent with genuine products). The VS 438 can be described as “from black to home”. Every part of the movement is treated with black plating. The whole ceramic surface imitates scratches and does not fade. Even if it is deeply ground into powder, it is still black. Buy now and give away ceramic scratch repair tools. Scratches will be wiped off! Size: 44 mm x 18 mm Functions hour, minute hand, second hand, calendar, GMT hand Movement (Monvement) Replicated p9001 Movement Mirror (Crystal) Sapphire scratch-resistant mirror, and the bottom cover crystal is also as authentic as scratch-resistant sapphire crystal Dial black literal, brown font, extremely luminous Material (Case)1:1: 1 duplicated real ceramic case (authentic with the same structure) Real ceramic case with Strap)1:1 copied 1: 1 (authentic with the same structure) Waterproof (Water)50 meters