VSPAM927 42MM最轻薄缩略图

VSPAM927 42MM最轻薄

VS新品:42MM最轻薄,上手最舒适“骚蓝”PAM927 整个壳身厚度得以降低近四成!不设限,最纤薄!不循规,男女可佩戴!太阳放射纹蓝色表盘活力优雅,纤薄身躯佩戴轻便舒适,金针设计精巧简约大气。适合亚洲人手腕!

VS new product: 42MM is the thinnest and most comfortable to use. The thickness of the whole shell of “Sao Blue” PAM927 can be reduced by nearly 40%! No limit, slimmest! Do not follow the rules, men and women can wear! The blue dial with solar radiation pattern is dynamic and elegant, slim and comfortable to wear, and the design of gold needle is exquisite and simple. Suitable for Asian wrist!