VSPAM906 VS906手表缩略图

VSPAM906 VS906手表

VS新品:PAM 906 崭新超薄—儒雅绅士之选 面盘独特乳白象牙磨砂,彰显腕上柔情,蓝色大数字,清晰鲜明。海蓝色主调给人焕然一新,如果您既要沛NA海硬朗大气,又要儒雅大方,PAM906再合适不过。

VS new product: PAM 906 brand new and ultra-thin-the choice of elegant gentleman The unique milky ivory scrub on the face plate shows tenderness on the wrist, with large blue numbers, which is clear and vivid. The main tone of sea blue gives people a new look. If you want to be tough and elegant, PAM906 is perfect.