VSPAM961  47MM VS961缩略图

VSPAM961 47MM VS961

VS新品发售: 潜行系列最受注目的一款腕表PAM961 戴上它,直面极限,突破自我!尽显硬朗帅气的军人风范。 47MM聚合碳纤维Carbotech材质枕形表壳,轻于钛,硬于钢。大理石花纹黑色碳纤⾯盘,深橄榄绿夜光時標、指針,天然橡胶表带。

VS New Product Launch: PAM961, the most eye-catching watch in the stealth series, wears it to face the limit and break through itself! Show tough and handsome military style. The 47MM Carbotech pillow case is lighter than titanium and harder than steel. Marbled black carbon fiber disc, dark olive green luminous hour markers, hands and natural rubber strap.