VSPAM959 腕表 VS959缩略图

VSPAM959 腕表 VS959

VS新品:SIHH2019蓝主角PAM959,加入首次曝光的海军蓝色陶瓷表圈,最新灰色立体鲨鱼皮效果的表盘,精致细腻。更易配戴的尺寸以及明快配色,更具年轻活力的气质。 做人群中让人心动的蓝主角。

VS new product: SIHH2019 blue protagonist PAM959, with the navy blue ceramic bezel exposed for the first time, and the latest gray three-dimensional shark skin effect dial, which is exquisite and delicate. Easy-to-wear size, bright color matching, and more youthful and energetic temperament. Be the exciting blue protagonist in the crowd.