VSPam683 42mm AISI 316L磨砂精钢缩略图

VSPam683 42mm AISI 316L磨砂精钢

VS新品:Pam683 限量发售42mm。亚洲手腕标准尺寸。找Pam682、Pam684的,还有那些中了沛纳海的毒,却被44、47mm表径伤了心的朋友们,就买Pam683。还配备陶瓷圈口,精致高颜值。有颜值,做工好,细节棒,走时稳定。好的腕表当该如此。

VS new product: Pam683 is available for limited sale at 42 mm. Standard size of Asian wrist. Look for Pam682 and Pam684, and those friends who have been poisoned by Panerai but have been hurt by the diameter of 44 and 47mm, and buy Pam683. It is also equipped with ceramic ring mouth, which is exquisite and high in value. With great value, good workmanship, excellent details and stable walking time. A good watch should be like this.