VS Pam960 42mm。亚洲手腕标准尺寸缩略图

VS Pam960 42mm。亚洲手腕标准尺寸

VS新品:到货 Pam960 限量发售42mm。亚洲手腕标准尺寸。同胞哥哥Pam1616是47mm。好产品自己会说话。VS出品一直注重质感,不仅要看起来像,还要把感觉做出来。不注重、没有质感的产品就是具皮囊没有灵魂。懂货的赶紧预定下手,没有套路没有坑。

VS new product: Pam960 is available for sale in limited quantities of 42 mm. Standard size of Asian wrist. Compatriot brother Pam1616 is 47mm. Good products speak for themselves. VS always pays attention to texture, not only to look like it, but also to feel it. A product that doesn’t pay attention to and has no texture is a product with skin and no soul. Those who know the goods should book them quickly. There is no routine or pit.