VS2020新品:VSPAM1118 44 MM碳纤维缩略图

VS2020新品:VSPAM1118 44 MM碳纤维

VS2020新品:PAM1118 44 MM碳纤维 正在火爆预售中!(预售期间赠送小牛皮➕扣一副)致敬经典传奇夜光,全新夜光设计,颠覆传统,传承经典!不拘一格的创新突破,为独具个性的你而来!

The new VS2020 product: PAM1118 44 MM carbon fiber is in hot pre-sale! (A pair of calfskin buckles will be given during the pre-sale period) Pay tribute to the classic legendary luminous, the new luminous design, subvert the tradition and inherit the classics! Innovation breakthrough of eclecticism is for you with unique personality!