VS968 VS青铜之王缩略图

VS968 VS青铜之王

VS 2020爆品:青铜之王PAM968 47MM 官网线上直接售罄,一表难求!买VS来解毒吧~VS首次突破行业棕色陶瓷圈!随时光荏苒形成铜绿效果,为每一枚腕表倾注与众不同的个性~首批预定赠送跟正品一样军绿色橡胶带,一表多带,简直太帅!

Explosives of VS 2020: pam968, the king of bronze, is sold out directly in official website, and it is hard to find a watch! Buy VS to detoxify ~ vs breaks through the industry brown ceramic circle for the first time! At any time, it will form a patina effect, and pour unique personality into each watch ~ The first batch is scheduled to give the same military green rubber belt as the genuine one, with more belts on one watch, which is simply too handsome!