VS 2020新品:974 红金42MMVS974缩略图

VS 2020新品:974 红金42MMVS974

VS 2020新品:有质感又颜值担当的红金42MM PAM 974 🎉PAM684“双胞胎兄弟”,黑色陶瓷圈口复古,光芒四射红金壳现代,硬汉柔情的完美呈现!有“质”者,方可卓越无休~

The new products of VS 2020: red gold 42MM PAM 974 PAM684 “twin brothers” with texture and drop-dead gorgeous, retro black ceramic ring, radiant red gold shell and modern, perfect presentation of tough guy tenderness! Only those who have “quality” can be outstanding ~


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