VSPAM979 47mm 碳纤维表盘 VS979缩略图

VSPAM979 47mm 碳纤维表盘 VS979

VS新品预售:2019日内瓦沛家新款:PAM979—PAM616的弟弟:全新碳纤维表盘。 预售期间下单,额外获赠2019年沛家官方定制布带。数量不多,仅限首批客户。

VS New Products Pre-sale: 2019 Geneva Peijia New: PAM979—PAM616′ s younger brother: brand-new carbon fiber dial. Place an order during the pre-sale period, and receive an additional official custom cloth belt from Peijia in 2019. The quantity is small, only for the first batch of customers.