VSPAM908 756 —优雅典范红金腕表缩略图

VSPAM908 756 —优雅典范红金腕表

VS 限量发售 :908 \756 —优雅典范红金腕表!一款适合亚洲手腕的红金腕表。[嘿哈]1:表壳 一改粗旷风格 以更纤薄演绎现代优雅风范。更有亲和力!2:表盘:表盘风格简约,保留活力澎湃气息,驾驭度更高!3:底盖:908 以“福”字篆刻为特色,更显工匠精神 —细腻。4:材质:红金工艺。玫瑰金与红金区别在于铜的 含量高低。成分越足则更不易变色!

VS limited sale: 908 \ 756-elegant classic Fan Hongjin watch! A red gold wrist watch suitable for Asian wrist. [Hey, ha ]1: The watch case is changed into a rough style, so as to be slimmer and show modern elegance. More affinity! 2. Dial: The style of dial is simple, retaining the vigorous breath, and the driving degree is higher! 3. Bottom cover: 908 features the seal cutting of the word “Fu”, which shows the craftsmanship-exquisiteness. 4: Material: red gold craft. The difference between rose gold and red gold lies in the content of copper. The more ingredients, the less likely it is to change color!