VS厂PAM904 42mm 机械表缩略图

VS厂PAM904 42mm 机械表

VS 限量发售 :PAM 904 优雅典范腕表!42MM 一款适合亚洲手腕的腕表。[嘿哈] 1:表壳 一改粗旷风格 以更纤薄演绎现代优雅风范。更有亲和力! 2:表盘:碳黑锻面 放射纹 搭配表盘保留活力澎湃气息,驾驭度更高! 3:底盖:密底精钢打磨拉丝细腻。 4:材质:316L 精钢 强效抗蚀的 钢合金。 小手腕福利!上手非常漂亮。

VS Limited Sale: PAM 904 Elegant Model Watch! 42MM a wrist watch suitable for Asian wrist. [Hey, ha] 1: The watch case is changed into a rough style, so that it is slimmer and shows modern elegance. More affinity! 2: Dial: The radial pattern of carbon black forged surface matches the dial to retain the vigorous breath, and the driving degree is higher! 3. Bottom cover: fine steel with dense bottom is polished and brushed delicately. 4: Material: 316L fine steel steel alloy with strong corrosion resistance. Little wrist welfare! It’s very beautiful to get started.