VS厂沛纳海V2版本Pam616 VS616 机械手表47mm缩略图

VS厂沛纳海V2版本Pam616 VS616 机械手表47mm

VS厂-沛纳海 Pam616碳纤维 全新一比一P9000机芯,VS新品:Pam616 速度与激情8,巨石强森戴的就是Pam616,硬汉之选!戴只VS的Pam616去看速8,绝对不一样的感觉,力量感爆棚。速8上映期间(4月30号前)购买,送原厂定制小牛皮表带一副。VS出品,自主P9000机芯,质量可靠,怒荐 尺寸(Size)47mm×17mm 功能(Functions)小时、分钟、秒、日期显示 机芯(Monvement)复刻P.9000自动上链机芯 镜面(Crystal)蓝宝石玻璃 字面(Dial)黑面 材质(Case)锻造碳纤维 表带(Strap)橡胶表带 防水(Water)50米

VS Factory-Panerai Pam616 carbon fiber brand new one-to-one P9000 movement, VS new product: Pam616 speed and passion 8, Dwayne Douglas Johnson is wearing Pam616, the tough guy’s choice! Wearing a Pam616 with VS to see Speed8 is absolutely different, and the sense of strength is bursting. During the exhibition period of Super 8 (before April 30th), buy and send a pair of original customized calf leather straps. Produced by VS, independent P9000 movement, reliable quality, anger recommendation Size: 47 mm× 17 mm Functions: display of hours, minutes, seconds and dates The movement (Monvement) replicates the P.9000 self-winding movement Crystal sapphire glass Dial the black face Material (Case) forged carbon fiber Strap rubber strap Waterproof (Water)50 meters