VS厂-沛纳海 PAM719 自动 乱真机芯 品牌系列:沛纳海PAM719钛壳南北极探险限量款 手表机芯:复刻P.9001自动上链机芯 表壳材质:钛金属 表盘直径:47mm×17mm 适用人群:男士 防水深度:50米 底盖样式:透底 表带材质:橡胶表带 镜面材质:蓝宝石玻璃 表扣:针扣 功能:小时、分钟、秒、日期、GMT两地时显示 VS厂新品沛纳海pam719 P.9001 自动上链机芯,除了时分秒日期,还有两地时间功能,表盘是大热的午夜蓝色,用上反差的黄色印上计划的名字 Pole 2 Pole,而表背便刻有代表北极熊和企鹅,所有的意指意涵,都简单直接,最重要是表本身也好看。

VS factory-panerai PAM719 automatic spurious movement Brand series: Panerai PAM719 titanium shell exploration limited edition Watch movement: Replica P.9001 self-winding movement Case material: titanium Dial diameter: 47mm×17mm Applicable people: men Waterproof depth: 50m Bottom cover style: transparent bottom Strap material: rubber strap Mirror material: sapphire glass Watch buckle: pin buckle Function: hour, minute, second, date, GMT display The new panerai pam719 P.9001 self-winding movement of VS factory has two time functions besides the hour, minute and second date. the dial is hot midnight blue, and the planned name Pole 2 Pole is printed on the contrasting yellow, while the back of the watch is engraved with polar bears and penguins. all the meanings are simple and direct, and the most important thing is that the watch itself is beautiful.