VS公司经过两年多的研发 推出VS.9000机芯 应用于沛纳海PAM00312的顶级复刻表 解决沛纳海复刻表机芯的外观缺陷 提升机芯稳定性和精准度 VS.9000机芯的摆轮和摆轮甲板位置和沛纳海原装正品完全符合 彻底区别于国产7750的外观一体机芯的设计 大大提升机芯的稳定性和精准度 延长机芯使用寿命 每只机芯从生产组装 到成表 经过了层层检测 确保机芯稳定性 综合日误差控制在10s内(瑞士钟表的标准是15s内)。全新的VS.9000机芯将给全世界的沛纳海复刻表粉丝们带来更好的使用体验,更多的惊喜和期待 机芯: P.9000自动机芯 表径:44毫米 表壳材质:不锈钢 表盘颜色:黑色 表镜材质:蓝宝石水晶玻璃 表带颜色:黑色 表扣类型:针扣 表扣材质:不锈钢 背透:背透

After more than two years of research and development, VS.9000 movement is applied to the top replica of Panerai PAM00312 to solve the appearance defects of Panerai replica movement and improve the stability and accuracy of the movement. The balance wheel and balance deck position of VS.9000 movement are completely in line with the original genuine Panerai movement, which is completely different from the appearance of domestic 7750. The design of the integrated movement greatly improves the stability and accuracy of the movement and prolongs the service life of the movement. The watch has been tested layer by layer to ensure the stability of the movement. The comprehensive daily error is controlled within 10s (the standard of Swiss watches is within 15s). The new VS.9000 movement will bring better experience, more surprises and expectations to fans of Panerai replica watches all over the world Movement: P.9000 automatic movement Gauge diameter: 44mm Case material: stainless steel Dial color: black Material of watch mirror: sapphire crystal glass Strap color: black Type of buckle: pin buckle Material of clasp: stainless steel Back penetration: back penetration