VS厂V2新品:VS“蓝得骚”PAM688 V2版 来了 功能与441升级版一致! 1、底盖与面玻璃一致升级蓝宝石9级 2、修正与正品一致时针调历功能 3、原装一致的异地GMT调时功能腕表。 42mm壳径 小手腕福利! 沛纳海款式中不常见的独特“缎面太阳放射饰纹蓝色面盘” 正如蔚蓝海洋在太阳光线下折射出的蓝色光辉,彰显沉稳大气,同时装载Luminor1950招牌护桥依旧不减威风。 尺寸(Size)42mm×15.6mm 功能(Functions)小时、分钟、秒、日期,GMT显示 机芯(Monvement)复刻P.9001自动上链机芯 镜面(Crystal)蓝宝石镜面 字面(Dial)蓝面 材质(Case)316L精钢 表带(Strap)牛皮表带 防水(Water)50米

The new V2 product of VS factory: VS “landesao” PAM688 V2 version is coming The function is consistent with the upgraded version of 441! 1. The bottom cover and the face glass are consistent and upgraded to sapphire grade 9 2. Correct the hour hand calendar adjustment function consistent with genuine products 3. Original and consistent watches with GMT timing function in different places. 42mm shell diameter small wrist welfare! The unique “satin solar radiation decorative blue face plate”, which is not common in Panerai style, is just like the blue radiance reflected by the blue ocean under the sunlight, showing calm atmosphere, while loading Luminor1950 signboard to protect the bridge still does not lose its prestige. Size: 42 mm× 15.6 mm Functions hour, minute, second, date, GMT display Movement (Monvement) Replicated P.9001 self-winding movement Crystal sapphire mirror surface Dial the blue face Material (Case)316L fine steel Strap (strap) leather strap Waterproof (Water)50 meters