VS出品,PAM531 GMT 两地时 一款专门为旅行者 商务人士量身定做的腕表。 机芯与正品一致,摆轮位与正品一致在7点位,GMT异地调时,蓝宝石玻璃,清晰简单明了的数字读数。 尺寸 44mm x 17mm 功能 小时,分针,秒针(9点位小秒盘),gmt功能 镜面 蓝宝石镜面(可以达到瑞士标准) 字面 黑面,绿色极强夜光,小格子形的字面,6点位有swiss made标志 材质 316L钢壳,Q字母刻字的透底后盖。 表带 黑色牛皮表带,针扣 防水 50米

Produced by VS, PAM531 GMT A watch specially made for travelers and business people. The movement is consistent with the genuine one, the balance position is consistent with the genuine one at 7 o’clock, the GMT is adjusted in different places, the sapphire glass is clear and simple, and the digital reading is clear. Dimensions 44mm x 17mm Function hour, minute hand, second hand (9 o’clock small seconds), gmt function Mirror sapphire mirror (up to Swiss standard) Literally black, green and luminous, small plaid literal, 6 points with swiss made logo Material: 316L steel shell, q lettered back cover. Strap black cowhide strap, pin buckle Waterproof 50 meters