VS厂新品:沛纳海Pam359 圆润的线条却流露出硬汉般的银色金属光泽,展示出不甘随波逐流的骄傲。黑色表盘上采用了镂空三明治夹层式结构,八个较小的阿拉伯数字时标镌刻在表盘上,而12、6、9.点钟位置则采用沛纳海经典的大型阿拉伯数字,表盘采用1940年所制军用表款的淡褐色色调,搭载VS自产P9000机芯,精准、稳定 沛纳海Pam359 上海自动P9000机芯 尺寸 44mm X 18MM 功能 小时,分针,秒针,日历 镜面 蓝宝石防刮镜面 字面 黑色字面,极强夜光 材质 316L钢表壳 表带 黑色皮表带

The new product of VS factory: panerai Pam359′ s round lines reveal the silver metallic luster like a tough guy, showing the pride of not going with the flow. The black dial adopts a hollow sandwich sandwich structure, and eight smaller Arabic numerals are engraved on the dial. At 12, 6 and 9 o’clock, Panerai’s classic large Arabic numerals are used. The dial adopts the light brown color of the military watch made in 1940. It is equipped with VS self-produced P9000 movement, which is accurate and stable Panerai Pam359 Shanghai automatic P9000 movement Dimensions 44mm X 18MM Function hour, minute hand, second hand, calendar Mirror sapphire scratch-proof mirror Literally black literal, extremely luminous Material 316L steel case Strap black leather strap