V7厂厚积薄发,发布最新超级版本航空计时1系列 41mm,精湛工艺,由内而外,又一七星推荐精品 1.V7厂航空计时41mm是行业此款唯一购买正品开模且提供原装对比评测的版本,其各方面数据 细节均可完美同步正品 2.得益于V7厂原厂级别的字面工艺,原装加持下,其字面颜色,刻度细节,字体均已完美复制正品,难辨雌雄 3.航空计时腕表的一大特色-飞行滑尺,V7是行业唯一一家对版且刻度可对正的版本。转圈力度恰到好处的吻合原装 4.表壳进口316L精钢顶级工艺打磨,线条及细节均与正品完美一致,纤薄细致,提供舒适的佩戴体验 5.机芯不惜成本采用同正品完全一致的原装瑞士顶级精磨SW200机芯(非普通白机金机,机芯完美鱼鳞纹及日内瓦纹跟正品完美一致),其外观 性能已丝毫不差于正品。名副其实拆盖也可乱真 且V7同样提供亲民版海鸥2824机芯的版本。 6.超级版本采用正品一致的美洲鳄鱼皮,其车线,边油都非一般版本可比,且其底皮唯一对版原厂底皮,请认准细节!亲民版本牛皮亦同样做工,质感给力 7.底盖翅膀logo雕刻图案及刻字完美克隆,毫无破绽,新款表扣全新开模,确保内外细节均能完美同步正品 V7厂航空计时41mm,真正超级之作。一款材质,工艺完美同步正品的佳品,再次刷新行业标准!超越原单,完美呈现。 零头价格享受三万余真品体验,怒荐佳作!

V7 factory has accumulated a lot of money and released the latest super version of aviation chronograph 1 series 41mm, with exquisite craftsmanship. From the inside out, another seven stars recommend fine products. 1. The aviation chronograph 41mm of V7 factory is the only version in the industry that buys genuine mold opening and provides original comparative evaluation, and its data details in all aspects can be perfectly synchronized with genuine products. 2. Thanks to the original factory-level literal technology of V7 factory, its literal color, scale details and font have been perfectly copied to genuine products, which is difficult. The turning strength is just right, which is consistent with the original 4. The imported 316L watch case is polished by the top technology in fine steel, and the lines and details are perfectly consistent with the genuine products, which provides a comfortable wearing experience. 5. The movement adopts the original Swiss top-class fine grinding SW200 movement which is completely consistent with the genuine products at no cost (not ordinary white machine and gold machine, the movement’s perfect fish scale pattern and Geneva pattern are perfectly consistent with the genuine products), and its appearance performance is no worse than the genuine products. Truthfully, the cover can be removed, and V7 also provides the version of Seagull 2824 movement. 6. The Super Edition adopts authentic American crocodile skin, and its car line and edge oil are not comparable to those of the ordinary version, and its bottom skin is only the original bottom skin, please look for the details! People-friendly cowhide also works in the same way, with strong texture. 7. The logo carving pattern and lettering of the bottom cover wings are perfectly cloned, and there is no flaw. The new buckle is completely opened to ensure that the internal and external details can be perfectly synchronized with the genuine V7 factory aviation timing of 41mm, which is truly a super work. A material, a perfect synchronization of genuine products, once again refresh the industry standard! Beyond the original order, perfect presentation. Enjoy more than 30,000 genuine experiences at a fraction price, and recommend excellent works angrily!